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1000mg CBG Tincture Natural
1000mg CBG Tincture Mint
1000mg CBG Tincture
1000mg CBG Tincture
1000mg CBG Tincture CoA
1000mg CBG Tincture CoA

1000mg CBG Tincture

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This oil formula contains 1000mg of CBG for highly supercharged relief of uncomfortable symptoms, including anxious feelings, swelling and discomfort. NAYSA CBG oils are created with the purest phytocannabinoid-rich Hemp oil available.

**This is a CBG tincture, not CBD***

  • Cannabigerol is known to support symptom relief for pain, inflammation, anxiety, and so much more.
  • Contains coconut MCT oil to aid absorption for fast, effective relief.
  • 100% pure and natural, with no added dyes or harmful chemicals.
  • Get an exact dose every time with the easy to use tincture dropper.
  • THC-free, non-psychoactive ingredients provide all the relief without the high.
  • 3rd party lab tested for quality.
  • Each 30 ml bottle contains 1000 mg (approx. 33.33 mg/ml) of CBG.

Ingredients: THC-Free phytocannabinoid rich hemp CBG oil, MCT (coconut) oil